Our team

We understand that when it comes to investing and finance, it is important to see the faces behind all the work and who are driving the development of 9-thirty.

That’s why we want to introduce you to our team!


The mastermind behind all the video production and the website of 9-thirty, the guy who makes sure you get the best content out there on YouTube and other platforms in the future!

Robbin has an extensive background in International Business, marketing, and data analytics.


The brains of the operational part of things, making sure you don’t experience issues with the 9-thirty tool and you get your fresh copy as soon as possible!

All projects should be mindful of Kirill as Kirill submerges himself in project management. Kirill has a strong knowledge base on International Business, operations, and finance.


The magician of all the technical things behind the 9-thirty tool who safeguards us from all the bugs and security threats out there.

If our company were to be in the Matrix, Anis would be our Neo. His extensive background in all things tech, from cyber security to database management makes him a force to be reckoned with.

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